Our Story

Eat Local Farm began during the COVID pandemic with a mission to secure a sustainable, predictable supply of fresh, local and safe produce, meat, dairy and other locally-produced grocery items.  When supply chains were challenged we realized it did not make sense to be purchasing produce from halfway across the continent when it was also growing next door. 

Living in Simcoe, we realized there were a multitude of producers right in Norfolk county, and that many food essentials could be sourced locally. We visited several farms, greenhouses and micro-breweries and made contacts with many local producers. 

Food safety is of paramount importance.  We rely on a trusted network of suppliers in Norfolk county and surrounding areas for all of our food.  We have visited all of our producers and have personally seen the premises where all of our products were produced and processed. All of our food is produced in Ontario and is subject to our stringent regulations.  

Food sustainability encompasses how the food is produced, packaged, transported and consumed.  We feel the first step is to minimize the food miles for many products available locally.  We try to source food with a lower ecological footprint, including reduced use of pesticides and water.  Finally, the meat we sell is produced locally with 100 percent traceability.  

Food reliability implies an intimate knowledge of the production cycles of our producers and the ability to forecast the supply reliably. With our close-knit network of suppliers, we are able to buy exactly what we need from our  trusted suppliers and the produce can therefore be harvested on time.