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Ramblin' Road Brewery DPA


DAKOTA PEARL ALE – DPA – Ontario’s First Potato Beer

A new Canadian classic – Potato Beer is here! We start with a pre-brew of Dry Ale, once fermented we move the beer to our Kettle Chip processing line where we use this beer to individually wash freshly sliced potatoes before they are processed into Kettle Chips. Once we have gathered fresh Potato starch from these slices we return the beer to the brew line where we break down the potato component into fermentable potato sugars. A secondary mash is prepared and blended with the potato laden beer to create a beer that redefines brewing in Canada. The potato component adds an incredible smoothness to the final beer and a residual sweetness remains that makes this beer stand out amongst all craft beers. With a bitterness (14 B.U.), that is very palatable and repeatable to the adventurous craft beer lover. Our number one seller has received many accolades from both wine and beer lovers. 5%  473 mL