Ramblin' Road Brewery Farm

Ramblin' Road Brewery Pure Bred Lager


Full-bodied true red lager - our crystal malt driven addition to our premium craft beers showcases a dynamic colour and richness. Red roasted crystal barley malt defines the deep toffee tones with an elevated Nugget/Fuggle bitterness (28 B.U.), these qualities are balanced perfectly to create a full-bodied, satisfying craft beer. We created this rich full-bodied lager to offer a real barley grain alternative to that other main-stream RED beer which relies on caramel colouring and high-fructose sugar (pretend beer).  Some say this beer rivals a very popular true Irish Lager, renowned in the land of Eire. If you’re a rich beer lover of classic toffee malts, our PurebRED is a real delight.

 5.0%, 473 mL